Paslode 141073 IM360i 3.1mm x 63mm Galvanised Nails - Pack of 2200 & 2 Fuel Cells

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The Paslode 141073 63mm ring framing nail fuel pack is suitable for use with the IM360Ci 1st fix framing nailer (as well as the discontinued IM90 and IM100 nail guns). The pack includes 2,200 nails and 2 gas fuel cells. These Paslode framing nails are for timber to timber fixing and are suitable for covered outdoor use.


Best-in-class nails which offer optimum performance and the best quality finish
Best driveability coating for increased driveability
Paslode's nailing system provides the highest level of safety
CE marked and EC5 compliant

Technical Specification:

Length: 63mm
Diameter: 3.1mm
Shank: Ring
Head style: Round (RounDrive)
Finish: Electro galvanised (Galv+)
Quantity: 2,200
Gas fuel cells: 2
For tools: IM360Ci, IM90i, IM90Ci, IM100i, IM100Ci
Service class: 2 (covered outdoor use)